Our Wheels

Ajax Tire carries a large selection of Brands and Models of Wheels (Rims). Our experienced, highly qualified Customer Service Agents and Technicians are knowledable in all the technical aspects of wheel and wheel selection for vehicles to help you in the process. 

Key components in Wheel selection and installation are:

Centerbore and Hubcentric Rings

Wheel Offset
Bolt Patterns & Correct Measurement
Wheel Fitment
Wheel Caliper Clearance
Plus Sizing
Wheel Lug Torquing
Wheel Construction
Finishes and Wheel Care

Wheel Terminology

Bolt pattern or lug pattern or bolt circle is determined by the number of bolt holes and the bolt circle diameter.

Hub Diameter or center bore is the hole at the center of the wheel.

Rear spacing or back spacing is the distance from the backside of the wheel mounting pad to the outside of the rim flange.

Offset:  The distance from the centerline of the wheel to the mounting surface of the wheel.

Negative offset:  When the back of the bolt pad is closer to the inside of the wheel; when mounting surface is inboard of the rim centerline.

Positive offset:  When the back of the bolt pad is closer to the street side of the wheel; when the mounting surface is outboard of the rim centerline.

Bead-Loc  A device which captures the tire bead between it's flanges, usually secured by bolts to keep tire bead from dismounting.  Usually used in dirt circle track or off road applications where low tire pressures are used and hitting ruts or other vehicles are common.  





Wheel Brands

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